A showcase of applications developed by SoftWaring Solutions


mm_logoSoftWaring Solutions designed and developed the Multispread mobile application for Roesner Pty Ltd’s. The Multispread application assists farmers in calibrating their Marshall Multispread spreaders and visualising estimated spreading rates in real-time. When the spreader is fitted with the MDC hardware, the Multispread app will control fertiliser rate on the run (using Bluetooth Low Energy), measure hopper contents from loadcells and measure spinner speed.


  • Best Emerging Technology Award at Dowerin Field Day 2016
  • Appcelerator – Best use of enterprise APIs


rps_logoDeveloped for RPS Group Plc, datafeeds is an integration platform to harvest Meteorological and Ocean observational data from remotely deployed instruments and sensors. Datafeeds provides extensive capabilities to contextualise and transforms acquired data, monitor acquisition status, persist in an operational data store and progressively publish to down stream systems.