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Capture your activities using an iOS or Android mobile devices. Integrate with bluetooth sensors such as heart rate monitors and fertiliser spreader control systems


Share selected activities with your twitter or facebook, or share privately with other inMotion users


Monitor in near real-time activities associated with your account. Is a job finished? Are there problems?


InMotion captures location and sensor information about your activities and securely streams all collected data to the InMotion Cloud servers for storage and analysis


inMotion Cloud server provides a comprehensive API to support integration with third party system


Explore your activities and visualise as maps, time-series graphs and statistics.



inMotion tracks the agricultural activities associated with spreading, seeding, spraying and harvesting. Marshall Multispread users can control the application rate and stream the collected data to inMotion for visualisation and analysis

Fitness and Health

Walkers, runners and bike riders alike can use inMotion to track their activities and analyse their performance in inMotion Cloud. If you have a Bluetooth LE compatible heart rate monitor, you can capture you heart rate while during your activity.


Weather enthusiasts use inMotion to capture and view their weather observations.


Are you an off road rider? Going on holiday? Need to track a delivery? InMotion can monitor where you are and let others know where you are.